We’re back…ish

For those that have followed my posts over the years you will know that I’ve been running this site since the late 1990’s. Over that period, I’ve almost entirely been hosted on Godaddy (yes it’s embarrassing to admit it these days).

Maintaining the site became next to impossible. Much of the wordpress code was full of malware and, over the years, the site was subject to numerous spamming campaigns and a DDOS attack (along with a lot of other Godaddy sites). Additionally, I was in a bit of a chicken and egg situation with running a secure site. Godaddy wanted to charge a ridiculous amount to add a certificate to the site. So it was left open.

So to cut a long story short, I’m starting anew. And I really mean anew. I’ve made the decision not to migrate any of my previous posts to the new site. Partly because I couldn’t be sure that much of that bad code wouldn’t cause problems on the new site and because most of my early content wasn’t really worth sharing these days.

So a brand new site. With brand new content.

I have plenty of ideas on content. Mainly around tech. But an area I’ve always been into and rarely posted about is personal productivity. I’m keen to publish my thoughts and ideas in that space. I’m also considering launching something a bit more substantive on the site too. At this point – I’ll say no more. But as the cliche goes – watch this space.


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