A new feature idea for iPhone

As I recently downloaded an app, that I would label ‘productivity’ related, it got me thinking. iPhone would really benefit from a feature which gives the user an ability to group or cluster apps by theme or category. Sounds a bit anal. Perhaps. But hear me out. At the moment when an app is installed […]

A round up of my favourite iPhone Apps

I have owned my iPhone since July 2008 and I can genuinely say it is the best mobile computing device I have ever owned. And I have had a few in my time, including the legendary Psion 5MX and, more recently it’s modern cousin the Nokia E90. What makes it so special? Well aside from […]

Website transition complete

After a few days of development work my new website is up and running. Having used mobileme for hosting, developed through iweb, I must confess I was not impressed. I felt uncomfortable that I was teathered to my Mac for any postings or updates. What’s under the hood? Go Daddy! host my site. I opted […]