My home network explained

A number of people have asked me about my tech setup at home. So I thought I’d post about it. A lot of the hardware I use is legacy kit, acquired over the years. However, recently the kit I have bought is deliberate and in support of the design aims of my setup. Design principles: My aim, when […]

I ditched Facebook

The biggest responsibility for geeks in an age of ubiquitous internet is to inform, educate and share with friends the importance of understanding online identity and privacy. The freedoms and foundation of the web we enjoy today are based on transparency and open standards. The most basic action of typing in a URL and visiting a web address through to […]

Welcome back Microsoft

Now I’ve always been a critic of Microsoft. But not critical of the nature of their business and market domination (that doesn’t bother me), but critical of their lack of innovation and, until Windows 7, their sub-par operating systems. With all the innovation, elegance and success of Apple it’s easy to dismiss the folks at […]

Running a podcast 20 shows on.., the weekly podcast I set up with my friend and local journalist, Kevin Black is 20 shows old today. Hard to believe that the show has been running now since January this year. I can honestly say I find it some of the most satisfying and creative work I have ever done. Firstly, I […]

My podcast experiment – 5 shows on part 1

A significant part of my private time lately has been on managing and producing a new weekly podcast. I wanted share my experience, the first part is below : 1. Shifting the good idea to reality I actually found the transition of the idea to reality quite simple. I suspect, due to the strength […]

A new year a new podcast

For at least three years now I’ve had an itch to scratch. Being an avid listener and supporter of podcasts I’ve wanted to produce my own. A few years ago I had an idea for a show based on micro finance. I think the idea was sound enough but my heart wasn’t in it and […]

Rediscoving my love for Open source software

I first discovered the concept of ‘open source’ software through the operating system Linux back in 1998. I had played with ‘free software’ before on various windows boxes but never really considered ‘open source’ as a development methodology. I spent a lot of time installing various Linux distros, from Redhat (as it was then) to […]

Developing for web 2.0 stage one

Introduction A significant chunk of my ‘day job’ at the moment is both developing and project managing an all new website. The current site is very much old school web 1.0, developed using a dated HTML authoring piece of software. Maintaining the site is slow, clunky and inefficient. It also falls way short of our […]

Blogging from my iphone

I have been playing around with various platforms for my blog. Initially I used WordPress, then played around with iWeb, for integration with my Apple ecosystem. However, ironically it would seem that the WordPress App on my iPhone makes blogging a breeze on the move. So I think I might stick around with WordPress for […]