From Evernote to OneNote 

I’ve been a loyal Evernote premium users since April 2008. I’ve always loved the company. But sadly not anymore. Their new 2 device only pricing structure makes little sense to me. Finally Microsoft have released the Evernote exporter to OneNote. So I’m moving over. Fingers crossed the transition works. I’ll keep you posted. But until […]

My home network explained

A number of people have asked me about my tech setup at home. So I thought I’d post about it. A lot of the hardware I use is legacy kit, acquired over the years. However, recently the kit I have bought is deliberate and in support of the design aims of my setup. Design principles: My aim, when […]

Travel 2.0

As I begin preparation for our trip to Asia, Australia and sub-Saharan Africa (Mauritius) I discovered an outstanding site. (beta) essentially pulls together your travel plans and turns them into a highly useful itinerary. In the spirit of web 2.0 you can then share, collaborate and view the itinerary. There are a host of […]

Getting into GTD

Pretty much all the podcasts I have been listening to over recent years have been singing the praises of the ‘Get Things Done’ or the GTD approach to productivity. From Merlin Mann ( and regular guest of MacBreak Weekly ( to Adam Christianson over at – they all agree it’s a great methodology.    I have […]