The Fitbit Versa – early thoughts

I’ve just bought the latest smart watch offering from Fitbit, the Fitbit Versa.

I’ve been a big fan of smart watches, my first being the original Pebble watch which I bought back in 2013. I’ve also owned the follow up Pebble watch, an original Apple Watch, an Apple Watch series 2 and now the Fitbit Versa. In between these , I’ve also owned various fitness bands including the UP bands and various Fitbit hardware.

I’ll say from the outset that in my opinion, overall the Apple Watch is by far the best smart watch on the market for most people. Whilst it falls short of being a outstanding health tracker, it makes up for it in general functionality. Some of its features are unrivalled including the ability to make and receive calls, send sms/ messages and also watchOS has a plethora of supported third party apps.

So why did I get the Versa? Three reasons :

1. It’s a far better health tracker than the Apple Watch. Aside from more accurate step monitoring, the Versa is an outstanding sleep tracker (one of my areas of interest). Apple Watch has been non existent in this space. Some third party apps support it , but the data is inaccurate and nowhere near the accuracy of Fitbit ie REM, light and deep sleep detection.

2. Cross platform: I hate being locked into Apple’s ecosystem. I’ll be moving back to Android soon as a primary device and I want to be able to use my versa with it.

3. Two becomes one: until I bought the Vera , I was using a Fitbit Flex (for steps and sleep) and an Apple Watch. Now I’ll just be able to use a single watch. Which, by the way, is a much lighter and compact form factor compared to the Apple Watch .

So far so good. I’m very happy with the Versa. Time will tell (no pun intended) which device wins out for me. Currently I’m missing some of the Siri features from Apple Watch (such as voice controlled timers and Apple Pay) but there’s no doubt the heath tracking features are far better on the Versa.