…out with the old. Initial impressions. (Of about an hours use) Brilliant. Setup – took minutes using my iPhone as an authenticator. Apps tested including Plex and a couple of games – outstanding. Of course it’s not a patch on this Xbox one – but it’s not trying to be. – View on Path.

Shifting away from the cloud

With limited bandwidth and data caps, I’m reluctantly going through a process of reducing dependency on cloud services and moving towards local storage and syncing. My objective is simple. Limit my data usuage on my home network. First to drop off the list; iCloud services including backup for my two iOS devices. Second up – […]

… It’s always cheaper to buy your albums from Amazon than itunes. As for the album – should be awesome. Zimmy during his very best period. – View on Path.

Hahahaha. Google reveals Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s security flaws http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-34719564 – View on Path.