I couldn’t agree less with this article. I don’t believe Apple offer any sensible alternatives to Google services. I also have complete trust in Google. Because I believe that Google’s entire model is based on providing you with world class services in exchange for some of your data. It’s therefore business critical for Google to […]

Brilliant. I’ll be getting rid of my Xbox One and picking up a new Apple TV. Not because the gaming is better (obviously not). But simply because it’s a much more bandwidth efficient device – with the additional benefit of casual gaming via the App Store. – View on Path.

So our internet service provider continues to be down (for three days now). But it turns out this is a blessing in disguise. Frustrated, I decided to revisit my market research for a better provider. The market here is primarily cellular based ISPs running expensive and low data capped tariffs. One provider I looked at […]

Here’s my predictions for Apple’s keynote on Weds 09 Sept: iPhone iPhone 6s / 6sPlus both with better cameras (12mpix at least) Force touch built in and a rose-gold colour to be introduced. Outside chance they’ll introduce a 6c – based on the current iphone 6 – but not sure.. iPad iPad Mini 4 Apple […]