Fantastic news. Credit to Apple for allowing this. iOS is a massive market for Google. In fact , I’d argue more valuable than Android. So the best of both worlds now. A phenomenal phone combined with some brilliant androidwear watches. – View on Path.

Oh dear. Samsung have one of the most fundamental design flaws with the Galaxy Note 5 – stick the stylus in the wrong way (which could easily happen) and it gets permanently stuck. And here’s Leo Laporte proving it. Don’t believe me : Unbelievable flaw. How on earth did this get through Samsung’s quality […]

…an interesting approach by TuneIn Radio. Build the customer base and then add a premium subscription service. Smart. – View on Path.

I’m genuinely surprised that people don’t understand the cost of non EU roaming. It’s not the fault of mobile phone companies but the ignorance of users. The argument that apps etc suck up data without the users knowing is poor. It couldn’t be simpler to turn off data roaming on Android and ios. – View […]

I could be wrong but I think they call these two items a notebook and pen. The challenge is to figure out how to use them now… – View on Path.

For Samsung Galaxy Note fans… Prepare to be dissapointed at tomorrow’s note 5 launch : – View on Path.