Thought via Path

Think I have discovered a breakthrough work flow for #GTD capture using OmniFocus and Apple Watch. Using Siri I can dictate tasks and send via email to OmniFocus, in turn routing to my OmniFocus inbox on iPhone and Apple Watch. #UbiquitousCapture – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

WWDC in summary ios9: looks outstanding….A brilliant take on multi-tasking on iPad.Plus some major improvements on the core Apple apps. Way to many features to mention… Launches in the autumn WatchOS 2: brilliant. FaceTime audio support, native apps and a brand new SDK for developers…far more access to the core of the os and hardware. […]

A typical days use on my iPhone hooked up to my Apple Watch and the battery is still at 79%. As for my Apple Watch – battery at 74% Very impressed…. – View on Path.

The new standalone Google Photos service is nothing short of genius. Clearly its using some of Google’s secret sauce to automatically sort and tag. But the real genius – an ability to search for anything in your collection – and it pops up. #genuis Get the app now. The service is free too (for slightly […]

Here’s the bad boy I’ve been waiting for…. Thought I’d do my very own unboxing video #applewatchtime – Watch on Path. (Source: