Thought via Path

Had a play with Microsoft Band – and I’m very impressed. It’s first generation, so not the the most elegant of designs – but extremely well made and feature packed. Importantly it’s cross platform too. at Dixons Travel – Read on Path.

All this lot were found in the back garden of my family home in Lingfield! I remember playing with James Bond Lotus…unbelievable with Dominique – View on Path.

Just played with this puppy and I have to say…It’s good. Very good. Far more intuitive than my androidwear or pebble. I’m sold. at Apple Store, Churchill Square – View on Path.

Thought via Path

Just bad luck – or am I cursed? As I sit in Palma, having had to make an unscheduled 2 hour stop for fuel, I’ve worked out that since January this year 5 of the 6 flights I’ve taken have been delayed! Here’s the breakdown : Jan : london – Abuja – diverted/delayed overnight. Jan […]

Already preordered on Audible. Anyone who follows tech will find this a fascinating read. iJustine is absolutely brilliant. – View on Path.