merlin: Party All the Time – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The song tells a harrowing tale from the perspective of a heartbroken lover, portrayed in the first-person by Eddie Murphy. He begins by questioning, perhaps rhetorically, why the female with whom he is currently participating in a relationship would want to cause him emotional pain. […]

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Happy Pi day…. 3.14.15 (won’t be this way until year 2100 or something.. Cool.) – Read on Path.

A glowing post on why #Sonos is just so great. And with 5 individual units I couldn’t agree more. Genuinely think it’s up there with the best tech I’ve ever owned. Plus the scalability and software updates just make the product get better each year. Next step – to try and figure out how I […]

If this is true then it bothers me a lot. Another reason why I always try and buy my Apple products from authorised independent retailers. – View on Path.

No Apple I do not want a permanent Apple watch app on my iPhone after the ios 8.2 update. If I wanted bloatware on my phone I’d buy a Samsung. – View on Path.

The biggest announcement from Apple’s keynote yesterday was not the Apple Watch, or the new Macbook for that matter. Neither are particularly compelling products. The biggest news (and in my opinion the most important in Apple’s history) was HealthKit and ResearchKit. What Apple is planning to do in the consumer health sector will literally save […]

The best technology journalist out there (Chicago Sun Times) and podcaster, Andy Ihnatko says it all re: Apple Watch: – View on Path.

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I’ve figured out why I’m not convinced by smart watches. A good watch is generally something that people tend to keep for a long period of time (particularly expensive ones). I’m not clear how any smart watch manufacturers can develop a product which is only as good as the next hardware update… No doubt we’ll […]