Thought via Path’s crisis mode right now. ISP down on the compound since yesterday evening. Tethering now to get show 210 on the server… And it’s incredible just how much better Android is at tethering than ios. – Read on Path.

…no wonder. The most disappointing technology since laser-disc. Apple will probably sell that amount of Apple Watches in the first quarter…. – View on Path.

Such a tragedy there’s no cellular network here that can give me unlimited data. Just look at the difference between my cellular connect and fixed line/fibre – View on Path.

One of the finest podcasts out there at the moment. And a cracking interview in this episode with John McEnroe: – View on Path.

The today panel on ios8 is probably one of the most under-utilised but brilliant features of #ios8. More and more apps are now supporting widgets. – View on Path.