Hello world. My first ever post travelling at 40000 over the Indian Ocean. Just north of the Seychelles I reckon… And a bargain – $1 for 500mb. Not bad. – View on Path.

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…interesting. Rumour has it that Samsung will be putting Microsoft services/apps on their next generation of smartphones instead of Samsung apps. Here’s hoping they do. A brilliant decision if true. – Read on Path.

Could Samsung have finally discovered taste? I doubt it. http://www.engadget.com/2015/02/21/samsung-next-galaxy-metal-teaser/ Samsung teases that the ‘Next Galaxy’ is borderless and metal – View on Path.

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A few weeks into my OnePlus One. Easily the best android phone I’ve owned. But my iPhone 6plus feels so much better. Not an attack against the hardware, the OnePlus One is beautiful. But it’s the overall polish that ios brings to the table. Something Android as an OS falls short of. But in terms […]

About two years ago we lost one of the greatest advocates for the open Web and the liberation of public information in our generation. This is an excellent BBC documentary about the live of Aaron Swartz. Essential viewing. – View on Path.