#blackonblues hits show 200 today! That’s almost four years of shows. Plus we’re excited to announce a new show sponsor. Buddy Guy’s very own Chicago blues club – www.buddyguy.tv Check out our show here: www.blackonblues.com/archives/1209 – View on Path.

Unbelievable. A 5.5" display rumoured for the Samsung s6. Clearly Samsung are on a mission to canabolise it’s note 4 sales…. – View on Path.

I’ve been saying this for years now. Best way to handle email is to essentially ignore it. Not literally, but accept that you’ll never get to it all and dip in occasionally. A brilliant article in the Guardian which talks about email being a stream these days (similar to your Facebook or Twitter feed). No […]

I’ve been waiting for 23andme to get to the UK for at least 3 years! I’ve ordered my kit immediately! Controversial, yep. Too much information, maybe. But it’s a fascinating look into any health conditions or traits I may have. Plus I get to look at any potential inherited risks and possible responses to certain […]

Counting down the days… Frank Underwood is coming back : http://www.imore.com/netflix-announces-return-date-house-cards – View on Path.