Thought via Path

I’m saddened to reveal the truth about Elvis. Aside from being a habitual drug addict he was also a stooge for the white American right wing. But most importantly Elvis didn’t sing. The voice of Elvis was actually a black guy known as Treacle Donahue. Don’t believe me : – Read on Path.

Number 2 in my favourite iOS apps for 2014. (Not a new app) but the recent iOS 8 update and optimisation for the 6 and 6plus makes Omnifocus the best tasking app on the market. If GTD is your thing – you’re probably already using it. It’s probably the single biggest reason I always come […]

Have tech – will travel

Been thinking a lot over the years about the optimum gadgets to travel with.  For me the challenge has always been to combine the perfect balance of form, entertainment, productivity and functionality.  Until recently my iPad Air, combined with my MacBook Air and iPhone were pretty much the standard kit I traveled with.  However, combining […]