It’s clear to me that movies and TV shows lag so far behind the DRM free world of music… Being tied into Apple, Google or Amazon stores is not a viable option.

So my next project is to build my collection up locally – using the outstanding Plex as the interface. Cross platform, DRM free and excellent transcoding.

Beautiful. – View on Path.

European techno panic strikes again.

EU parliament want to break up Google on the grounds that it has a monopoly on search. Unbelievable.

Google does not have a monopoly on search. Advertising – perhaps. But search – no.

The French press have already complained that Google is stealing their content through listing articles in search. That’s like saying topeople selling newspapers in kiosks on the street to put them away because people might read the headlines. Ridiculous.

Europe is fast becoming seen as a spoiler to tech innovation and start ups. If I were Google I’d treaten to pull out. See where that leaves the bureaucrats….. – View on Path.