…still waiting patiently for my invite from Google. For the folk who still use email. This could be brilliant. – View on Path.

A sensible approach coming out of Redmond. Anyone know why Microsoft are point release jumping from Windows 8 to 10? I do…. It’s because 7 ‘ate’ 9! That’s a cracker. – View on Path.

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A useful tip for Mac OS users planning to upgrade to Yosemite. You can easily make a USB bootable drive from the Yosemite installer after it’s been downloaded. I did – and works a treat. Here’s now: www.macworld.com/article/2367748/how-to-make-a-bootable-os-x-10-10-yosemite-install-drive.html – Read on Path.

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The single biggest innovation to come out of apple’s iPad event last week was not the new iPads…or the retina imac. In my view it was the sim card that ships with them. In the US you can choose your own carrier with the universal sim supplied by Apple. Genius. And a glimpse of things […]

Downloaded overnight…I’ve got Yosemite waiting for me at home (installed on my MB Pro). Will test it fully before installing on my MB Air working machine – I’m not an animal. – View on Path.

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What’s clear to me now is (despite its open source roots) that Android is fast becoming a closed ecosystem. In a similar approach to Apple, we’re seeing a new generation of software, media and hardware that will only run on and with Android. For example: Android wear (the smart watch platform), the new nexus player […]

If I were in the market for an android smartphone – it would be the nexus 6. 6“ of pure lollipop goodness… – View on Path.