If my theory works out to be correct. This setup may well be a game changer for me. It’s a permanent solution to spoof all clients on my network into thinking they are in the UK. And it’s the only way to use all the geo fenced services on my Xbox one, Apple TV and […]

13 days to go until I renew my premium subscription to #Path. Fortunately the rumours that Apple were planning to buy them were false (thank God). So if you value #Path – support them by going premium. – View on Path.

iOS 8 geek tip 1: Battery shaming. A useful feature to figure out what rogue apps are sucking your battery. (A further tip don’t use Facebook) Setting > general > usage > battery usage – View on Path.

Found a decent spot in the house for my LTE mifi and now have a half decent ftp uplink to my show’s server … – View on Path.