Oh how the mighty have fallen. It’s got so bad at Redmond now – that I genuinely feel sorry for them. And in other MicroFlop news – they’ve actually lost market share on Windows 8.1 . Also expect windows 9 in the spring of next year … Oh and it will reintroduce the start menu […]

Can’t figure out for the life of me why my IFTTT recipe to automate tweets once my weekly show goes live isn’t working.. WordPress channel is configured correctly … As is this twitter channel… Possible timeout error or invalid token? Thoughts ? Odd – View on Path.

Apple TV rigged up to my hotel room TV via a spare hdmi port at the back. Running off a mifi type device through a 4G LTE provider called Spectranet . So I now have the ability to stream via my iPhone , running a vpn client . Just a pity the Spectranet has a […]