One of the bugbears I had with early versions of the google play store (back when I was in Jerusalem – 2009-2012) was the issue of geofencing the purchase of Google services and apps (in those days primarily apps). So with a UK google account , I wasn’t able to purchase from the UK Apps store overseas – in fact, back then I was only able to see the international/Israeli App Store. In those days it didn’t even work with a VPN as it required a UK sim inside the phone to work.

So (unlike Apple’s apps store) my testing over here has confirmed google still geofence – although in their defence it’s mainly around google music services. Check out the image I’ve prepared. You’ll notice I am unable to listen to a track on my local network , but when I switch to my VPN it works just fine.

This has a knock on affect for me too. For example I’ll be unable to stream google music via my sonos system and certainly won’t be able to subscribe to it .

It seems highly unlikely google are able to revolve this issue. So , for my time here at least – I’m firmly back in the iOS world. – View on Path.