Thought via Path

There’s a mutual benefit of using google products and services. You willingly give up certain information in exchange for world class services such as gmail and google maps. The model works and I trust google . (It’s in their interest after-all)

But Facebook. Forget it. Zero transparency from an organisation that, by stealth is invading your personal data in exchange for an increasingly sloppy service.

The recently mandated messenger app on iOS and particularly Android highlights the issue : – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

I think it’s fair to say that the LG G watch I own is possibly the worse gadget I’ve ever bought.

Buggy, poor display, horrible UI and generally pointless.

If folk really want to jump on the wearable band wagon , either go for a Pebble (which I use daily and is cross platform) or frankly – just wait for Apple to enter the market. – Read on Path.

One of the bugbears I had with early versions of the google play store (back when I was in Jerusalem – 2009-2012) was the issue of geofencing the purchase of Google services and apps (in those days primarily apps). So with a UK google account , I wasn’t able to purchase from the UK Apps store overseas – in fact, back then I was only able to see the international/Israeli App Store. In those days it didn’t even work with a VPN as it required a UK sim inside the phone to work.

So (unlike Apple’s apps store) my testing over here has confirmed google still geofence – although in their defence it’s mainly around google music services. Check out the image I’ve prepared. You’ll notice I am unable to listen to a track on my local network , but when I switch to my VPN it works just fine.

This has a knock on affect for me too. For example I’ll be unable to stream google music via my sonos system and certainly won’t be able to subscribe to it .

It seems highly unlikely google are able to revolve this issue. So , for my time here at least – I’m firmly back in the iOS world. – View on Path.