Thought via Path

My favourite app – Path just got a whole lot better today . Nice upgrade to the app. They’ve also rolled out their messaging app (called Talk) . Highly recommend. – Read on Path.

I’ve seen the future of cooking and it’s called SousVide: A geek approach to cooking … – View on Path.

If you’re dumb enough to use Facebook – then you’re probably dumb enough to panic when it does down. – View on Path.

I’m impressed. The Fire Phone is a logical step for Amazon. They have all the services (video, music and books) – so a phone is the next logical step. Will be interesting to see the price point. – View on Path.

Apple have rightly settled out of court against the ebook price fixing claim. This type of behaviour is wrong and ultimately the consumer suffers. What we need is a common standard that all publishers sign up too. – View on Path.

Thought via Path

Was testing the TuGo app yesterday. For any frequent travellers or Brits abroad it’s a must! It allows you to connect to your O2 mobile anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection. You can then make and receive calls plus SMS with the app – as part of your UK allowance. I’ll be switching […]

One of the best episodes of the Ihnatko almanac ever. Andy really sets out the case for iOS8 and why (contrary to the critics) it promises to be a genuinely phenomenal OS. – View on Path.