Thought via Path

I take back my top three apps for 2013… I have just discovered my top app of all time. Plex ! I am connecting, as I type, to my plex server back home and streaming my library of movies remotely.

And, even more impressively I have given shared access to Kevin and he’s connected to my library remotely.

I’m not kidding when I say this is the single most exciting innovation I’ve seen in years. with Dominique and Kevin – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

I said in one of my numerous rants that I predict Samsung will fork off from Android and develop their own UI. I expect it to start happening in 2014. It seems to me their key strategy is to differentiate their Galaxy line from competitors through proprietary software.

Look at the trend. Samsung’s own app, music and video stores.. Their own premium collection of preloaded premium ’s’ brand apps. Their insistence on crippling their end users with touchwiz.

In the meantime, their app Knox is a perfect example of their intent. Root the phone, it trips Knox.. And goodbye warranty:

The smartest thing Samsung could have done was to have abandoned touchwiz altogether and shipped all their Galaxy line with pure Android.

They should embark on an open strategy… Not a closed one. Behave less like Apple and more in the spirit of open source. – Read on Path.