JasonMonty.com redesign

I have been planning a site revamp for quite some time now.  Until now my website has been via a wordpress install on a hosted server. It worked well for me and I am a wordpress fan. But it didn’t quite fit. I wanted a site design that could take advantage of my social media activities rather than just built around my occasional blog posts. I had installed a number of plugins to feed in my tweets and LastFM content – but they always felt bolted on.

By chance I was watching the TWIT networks ‘Net at Night’ show. The CEO from flavors.me was being interviewed. He was talking through flavors.me and I was immediately impressed. It was what I was after. Essentially, an elegant page (yes a single page) that pulls in APIs from all the major social networks out there (Twitter, Flickr etc..)

Within minutes I had created a site and this morning shifted my domain over. I’m someone who is obsessed with a clean design and I think the UI is far more elegant than anything I’ve designed before, plus it pulls in my social content.

I’m really happy with the result.