Nokia want a piece of netbook pie. Now there’s a company who has lost its way. Good luck. Why does the palm folio spring to mind.

Show 33 of being finalised right now….GarageBand not playing ball! Three crashes this morning!

big fan of the all new google search – much quicker: if anyone hasn’t tried it yet.

In the market for a new mobile. And it won’t be an iPhone. Going for the Android based HTC Hero. That’s where the innovation is right now.

I joined twitter on 30 March 2007 – ? – and still lovin’ it….but misssing an independent!

Listening to Honeyboy Edwards. A true bluesman. What a voice – and he picks those strings mighty well for an old man.

I’ve taken a lot of flack for my recent tweets about Apple. I make no apologies. Apple remains my thing. I’m highlighting genuine concerns.