Does anyone now if 02 data is down this PM?! Or perhaps it’s just my iPhone in a panic – it must have found out i’m replacing it next week.

I’m leaving the iPhone fold to explore the world of #android. Thanks for the memories. True innovation cannot happen in walled gardens.

My occassional trip to the Apple store on Regents St is increasingly becoming a frustrating experience. A nightmare..

Here’s hoping the #hackintosh community get #snowleopard up & running on Dell9 soon. Sounds like it will be a far slicker OS than previous.

28 August for #snowleopard. And a bargain at £25 for single licence or £39 for family licence.I’ll be ordering my familiy licence tonight!

My iphone app of the week/month has to be . I’m loving it right now. Easy way to capture sites and read offline

Not long now till rumored apple tablet . If it’s running an extended version of iphone OS/ uses apps store then I say bye bye to Apple.