Twitter posts seem to conclude that 10.5.7 causes all sorts of issues with the dell 9 hackintosh. No major loss. I’ll leave it for now.

Listening to an interesting episode of iPhone alley podcast. Basically attacking the growing number of poor apps on the app store.

People have asked how I installed OS X on my Dell 910 mini. I’ve posted an account of what I did on my blog:

My hackintosh project: my Dell 9 netbook and OS X

I have spent most of this last weekend preparing and setting up my new Dell 910 mini netbook to run OS X.  As most you will know Apple’s success is based around their coupling and integration of hardware and software. Yet despite their pricey but excellent Macbook Air, Apple has yet to enter the netbook […]

So the hackintosh project is complete. The new battery I had replaced now works…system is flawless. Great stuff.