This is how national rail runs the network in UK. Over priced! Unlike nat rail AppStore is a competitive Market. We can choose alternati …

Fantastic end to my work day. Bumped into an old friend and mentor who is now at the World Bank. Great conversation & reflection.

there’s a gap in AppStore for a Financial Times app. My hunch is as soon as 3.0 launches old media will flock with subscription based apps.

Have a review model of a top spec asus. Maybe I’m looking through ‘Apple’ tinted glases but I have to say – how do people use these things!?

Did Apple include some way of organising apps in SDK 3.0? A lot of my time is spent organising my 7 or so screens of apps.

Just a thought – I see Twitter as a thinking persons Social app.. No bloatware just short crisp and direct access to useful information.