Travel 2.0

As I begin preparation for our trip to Asia, Australia and sub-Saharan Africa (Mauritius) I discovered an outstanding site. (beta) essentially pulls together your travel plans and turns them into a highly useful itinerary. In the spirit of web 2.0 you can then share, collaborate and view the itinerary. There are a host of interesting mash-ups on the site from viewing maps through to calculating distance traveled.

But the value comes when booking your trip through multiple sources. We organised the trip ourselves and all our bookings, flights and accommodation have been booked through different providers. To pull this together ourselves would have been messy and time consuming – but was able to deliver in minutes along with providing a host of other funky 2.0 features.

One key feature was the ability to forward, via email, reservations to directly. The ‘cloud’ then does its thing and it builds together a highly useful travel plan. (it is compatible with airlines and major web travel services such as

It also has several plugins. One, for example enabling you to share your trip via Linkedin.

A killer feature for me – is the ability to ‘subscribe’ to my calander through the system. So at a moments glance I can view my travel through iCal.

So go check out .