A round up of my favourite iPhone Apps

I have owned my iPhone since July 2008 and I can genuinely say it is the best mobile computing device I have ever owned. And I have had a few in my time, including the legendary Psion 5MX and, more recently it’s modern cousin the Nokia E90. What makes it so special? Well aside from […]

Welcome to London Jason. Count your blessings you’re not riding the tube in the heat of summer during rush hour !

New Apple Notebooks next Tuesday 14 October

It would seem that the latest rumours of a new Apple notebook line up are true. For the best part of this week a series of leaked photos have made their way to Engadget and others claiming to be genuine images of a radical new notebook. Labled ‘the brick’ , not due to it’s design, […]

Feeling chuffed with myself today. I successfully installed Joomla on our sub domain today. Been developing since this afternoon. Great fun

Developing for web 2.0 stage one

Introduction A significant chunk of my ‘day job’ at the moment is both developing and project managing an all new website. The current site is very much old school web 1.0, developed using a dated HTML authoring piece of software. Maintaining the site is slow, clunky and inefficient. It also falls way short of our […]