A new feature idea for iPhone

As I recently downloaded an app, that I would label ‘productivity’ related, it got me thinking. iPhone would really benefit from a feature which gives the user an ability to group or cluster apps by theme or category. Sounds a bit anal. Perhaps. But hear me out. At the moment when an app is installed […]

At Stonehenge, England. Waiting for our cousin to give birth in Salisbury. Impressive place but £6.50 per person to see it. No chance

DFID gets all web 2.0

The Department for International Development has recently launched a blog. There are currently several authors from all over the organization including myself. I am excited by this positive initiative by DFID. In my view it demonstrates the maturity of this new media as a dynamic and engaging platform for discourse and debate. Go check it […]

On an early train for some quiet focus time. 8 sales reps, 1 could speak for England and possibly be heard in France, wind up next to me.