A round up of my favourite iPhone Apps

I have owned my iPhone since July 2008 and I can genuinely say it is the best mobile computing device I have ever owned. And I have had a few in my time, including the legendary Psion 5MX and, more recently it’s modern cousin the Nokia E90.

What makes it so special? Well aside from the obvious, form factor and user interface, it is the applications that never cease to amaze me. With that in mind , I figured i’d share my five top apps;

1. Twinkle
A location aware, Twitter app. It’s increasingly more popular than Twitteriffic and free to. My twitter client of choice. Over and above any OSX app I have ever used.

2. WordPress
Having installed WordPress on my website server, it is now my CMS of choice. The WordPress client on my iPhone enables me to blog directly on my iPhone. Sure this version doesn’t have all the features from the web based version but it can handle images and save draft posts.

3. EasyTask
My GTD app of choice. There are a whole bunch in the apps store, I have tried several but found myself coming back to EasyTask. It includes all the features you’d expect, projects, contexts and a nice ‘dashboard’ view. It also enables you to sync tasks to the cloud. Oh and it’s free.

4. X-Plane
It’s not always work on the iPhone. Far from it. This flight simulator was ported from OSX. Put simply. It’s stunning. The graphics, use of the iPhone’s acceloromator, frame rate and rendering make this, without doubt a must for any flight sim fan.

5. Mail
A core Apple app out of the box but it’s simplicity and functionality is both intuitive and crisp. With push and fetch enabled, I’m never more than one minute away from my email.

I literally have six slide screens worth of apps. Most of which didn’t make my top five cut. However, pretty much all of them are top class. I’ll post again, with a further five.

Given the interest in the platform I’ll also post regular app reviews.