New Apple Notebooks next Tuesday 14 October

It would seem that the latest rumours of a new Apple notebook line up are true.

For the best part of this week a series of leaked photos have made their way to Engadget and others claiming to be genuine images of a radical new notebook. Labled ‘the brick’ , not due to it’s design, but rather describes a new Apple patented manufacturing process.

Apparently, each new notebook is ‘crafted’ out of a single brick of alluminum. Rumour has it , this process does away for the need for screws and hinges.

An additional rumour is that the two different apple notebook lines ‘pro’ and regular macbooks will be unified as one line up.

An invitation from Apple inviting journalists to a major notebook annouement next Tuesday 14 October has been released.

It’s about time Apple focus on their notebooks. I for one can’t wait. Roll on next Tuesday.