I’m convinced that Android will be big – very big. My hunch – number three in mobile platforms by end 2009: 1. iPhone 2. RIM & 3. Android

Rediscoving my love for Open source software

I first discovered the concept of ‘open source’ software through the operating system Linux back in 1998. I had played with ‘free software’ before on various windows boxes but never really considered ‘open source’ as a development methodology. I spent a lot of time installing various Linux distros, from Redhat (as it was then) to […]

Anyone know why the Gatwick Express suddenly became so busy these last few days? My quiet commute just became a cattle cart.

Note to Apple and O2: please give us internet tethering on iPhone. A good start would to speak to the Joiku guys. Thanks

Been developing the joomla based site for my organisation today & the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t ask for more satisfying work.