I’m on my third restore for my iPhone 3g. The Apple icon of death has reared it’s ugly head! This is getting frustrating

Yes I admit it – I got one

Forgive me father for I have sinned – it has been five weeks since my last post. But I’m back. And back with a device I have managed to convince myself and others that I did not want. 

Yes I have an iPhone. And yes I know it goes against all I was blogging about. So why? Obviously the lack of turn-by-turn GPS, video calling and a decent camera did not put me off. So why did I sell the Nokia e90 and take the plunge? 


First up my previous posts still ring true. I have not changed my view on the limitations of the iPhone. There are technically much better smartphones out there.


Sure I could talk all night about my frustrations over lack of Skype or moan about not having a 5 million mega pixel camera. But that’s not the point. 


In a nut-shell the iPhone was the missing link in the completion of my personal ‘Apple ecosystem’. I no longer have to carry my iPod Touch and e90 with me. One device – that does it all – and then some. 


But it was not 3G or GPS alone that sold me the iPhone. It was, quite frankly, software update 2.00 that did it for me. For those that know, software 2.0 opened up the iPhone platform to an array of third party applications courtesy of the Apps Store. 


It is those applications combined with the new hardware, that despite its shortcomings, make iPhone the most innovative platform on the market today. 


It’s all about the software stupid 


Drawing on the GPS, third party apps have opened up users to ‘game-changing’ software. The buzz term for this, is ‘location based’ or ‘location aware applications’. For example, a simple application such as Shopping List knows where I am. If I am in Sainsburys it reminds me to pick up the dishwasher tablets and potatoes on my list. The potential of this is incredible. Another great app, ‘Vicinity’ again, knows where I am and pulls up interesting wikipedia articles on the area I happen to be in. It also tells me where the nearest decent restaurant is. 


Don’t get me wrong. Other smartphones can do all this. But not with the same user interface and elegance of the iPhone. 


I could talk further about the iPhone as a stunning game platform that will undoubtedly give Nintendo and Sony a run in the portable gaming space. 


I have said nothing about the web surfing experience either. Frankly – nothing gets close to iPhone Safari on the go. 


Then there’s the push email and calendar functionality offered via the new Mobile Me service. Yes it’s not perfect and they have had teething troubles – but frankly, it is incredible. Cloud computing has hit he mass market and this is only the beginning. 

So in summary I can genuinely say the iPhone lives up to the hype.  iPhone 2.0 is a market-changer. Think Different. Think iPhone. www.google.co.uk

At the movies about to watch the new Mummy flick. Nice relaxing way to spend a Sunday! Free time at last!