Internet in your pocket?! I prefer a wireless router in mine


So the entire western world is gearing itself up for iDay 2.0 this Friday. 

I have read reports that in the UK the 02 pre-ordering fiasco for iPhone 3g averaged a staggering 13,000 orders in the three hours before their servers crashed and burned under demand. Queues have been building up at the New York Apple Store for a week now; and Apple fan boys and girls have successful lobbied Rogers in Canada to give them more data for their price plans. There can be no doubt that this iPhone will sell. And sell fast. 

Over the next few days we can expect the blogosphere, podcasters and traditional media to kick into overdrive to report on the iPhone 2.0. 

My views on the iPhone have not changed. I do admire it. I do believe it has the potential to change the market. But in additional to all my praise my overriding  criticisms remain. In a nutshell the iPhone still lacks in too many key areas for me. 


Wireless router to go 

A few weeks ago I posted about Joikulight. To recap, Joiku enables you to turn your Symbian S60 cellphone into a fully functional wifi router. In tech speak it effectively creates an ad-hoc network. I have been testing Joiku over the last few weeks now and can report that this really is a ground breaking app. Since my last post they have now released Joiku Premium . This paid for version ( €12 ) gives you a host of additional features such as, removing the splash screen when you connect to the Joiku wireless network and the ability to fully customise your SSID (name of your wifi network). You can also connect to imap / pop3 email too. 

Why this matters

Put simply – I now have the web pretty much anywhere I want, when I want and the flexibility of connecting any device(s) to the network. 

So as iPhones fly out of the stores on Friday, I can rest assured knowing my Nokia E90 not only meets my geeky requirements but exceeds iPhone 2.0 in almost almost every aspect of functionality. 

But I still have an itch to scratch. I want to enjoy the elegance of the iPhone 2.0 user interface and play with the host of new apps that will be available through the new Apps Store. So what do I do. Simple :

E90 (running Joiku) + ipod Touch = geek heaven. 

The best of both worlds.