The yin and yang of iPhone

I have come to a decision. Hot off the press. I will not be buying a new iPhone 2.0. I know, you are all shocked – perhaps even disappointed. As I sat on my regular commute home I got thinking – the new iPhone falls short, yet again, of my needs. But what really rang home was a painful truth. Apple give on one hand and take with the other. Being a neo-hippy I liken it to yin and yang. Here’s what I mean . 

The Yin 

  1. 1)The iPhone interface is without question one of the greatest design breakthroughs this side of the 21st century. Put simply – it behaves as a human would expect it to behave. Sounds simplistic I know – but no other OS can compare (as yet). 

  2. 2)The hardware design is contemporary art. The lines, the glass and dazzling rich and vivid screen all ooze quality. A unique combination of functionality, style and practicality make the iPhone a modern day design icon. 

  3. 3)Syncronisation. The seemless integration with your Apple Mac ensures that the iPhone delivers where most smartphones fail . Syncing is difficult. Apple do not agree. With the addition of ‘Mobile Me’ it will get even better. 


The Yang

  1. 4)A 2m fixed camera lens. Something that would have been so easy to upgrade has now left the iPhone camera way behind the current trend of 3-5m pixel camera phones. And no flash?! What a missed opportunity. 

  2. 5)No video conferencing (over 3g or wifi): Why? It would have been a no brainer for Apple to add iChat . The excuse that AT&T or O2 and other telco partners would not allow it – is no excuse. Think 3 in the UK and their partnership with Skype. After all more video chat equals data which equals more money. More money equals happier partners. 

  3. 6)No MMS : I now it sounds petty. But I want the freedom to be able to send friends and family picture messages.

Don’t get me wrong the iPhone is great. I have no doubt Apple are controlling the features of the iPhone for the greater good of the consumer. Perhaps they learnt from Nokia’s N95 ‘all you can eat’ offering. Sure it has everything. But run more that a few apps and the OS grinds to a halt and your phone just turned into an expensive brick. Much the same could be said for Windows Mobile too. People are happy with their iPhones. Most users of other phones are not. 

Yin and Yang sit together for the perfect unity of opposites. I think that is where the iPhone is. Alas for me, I need more Yin and less yang. I’ll be sticking to my Nokia e90.