UK Launch party of the Flip Video Ultra

I was fortunate enough to attend the UK launch party of the Flip video ultra. This neat little product has been making all the tech headlines in both mainstream media and the blogosphere. In a nut shell it’s a mini digital camcorder that is compact, simple to use and something you can easily carry with you to capture video. I like to refer to it as a camcorder that will help you shot that perfect ‘YouTube moment’. 


The flip video has been a massive success in the States – with 13% of the market share of all digital video cameras. They have sold 1 million Flips since its launch in May 2007. 


Why the Hype? 


Put simply, this device fills a gap in the consumer digicam market, at a price point and funky form factor that is irresistible  to the YouTube, MySpace and Facebook generation. 


The Flip digital camcorder has been designed around three core values, that  really do shine out of this pocket sized digicam: 

  1. fun 

  2. simplicity 

  3. quality


It is easy to use. I simply took the flip video out of its box , put in the two AA batteries (supplied) and fired it up. It features a neat 1.5’’ transflective display so you can see what you are recording, along with reviewing what you have just shot. 


Once on, filming is a breeze. A simple one touch button begins recording, press it again, and you stop. Nice and simple. 


The device is compatible with both Windows and Mac. The name ‘flip’ actually comes from the USB connector that cunningly ‘flips out’ of the side of the unit to connect to your computer. 


This particular model ships with 2GB of built in memory, which offers up to 60 minutes of footage. The uncompressed VGA quality video runs at a zippy 30 frames per second. 


An interesting feature is the built in software. When connected to a computer the software gives you some neat editing abilities with the video you have shot. It then enables you to directly upload to YouTube and MySpace. I was told by the PR at the event that they are in discussions with Facebook to add them them to the list too. 


I shot a bit of footage on my new flip on the way home. I’ll post it soon to my blog. 



Overall, I am extremely impressed. I believe the Flip Video will be a great success in the UK market. And at a recommended retail price of just £99 – it is guaranteed to sell. The Flip Video is available on, PC World and all good high street retailers. 


My 10 second live QIK broadcast of the event is below. Note this is not shot on the Flip Video, it was shot on my Nokia E90.