Wifi on the go via JoikuSpot light edition

By chance I discovered possibly the greatest app of the year on Symbian S60 v3. 


Joiku light edition is a free application that transforms your Nokia mobile into a wireless router, creating a mobile hotspot. It takes your 3g or HSDPA connection and broadcasts it out, just like a standard wireless router does. 


You are then able to connect any wireless device to the network. For example, you might be on a train and want to connect your iPod touch to the web. Typically, this is impossible. However, with Joiku, simply open up the application and within seconds you have your own wifi. 


This is exciting. This is big. Just imagine the implications. Laptops, UMPCs iPods – the list is endless – all can now connect to the web pretty much anywhere. Connecting that gorgeous little Eee PC on the train to the web is now a reality with this. No cables , no usb dongle – just wifi. 




I have not come up against any major issues as such. But I do have questions. 


  1. 1.I am not sure whether it is possible to encrypt the network SSID . Ideally, you would want to make it secure with WEP or WPA etc. 

  2. 2.Secondly, I could not figure out an obvious way to rename the SSID or better still create a closed network.

  3. 3.I am guessing the software is in early days – so future updates will no doubt fix these minor issues. 


Looking at their website there are plans to launch a ‘premium edition’ . No doubt that version will resolve these issues. I certainly would be willing to pay for it. 


Tested and working   


I have tested it with my E90 and Macbook (running OS X and Vista) / iPod touch. It works. 


In summary, if you have a s60 Nokia with an unlimited internet plan – you simply must install it. 


For more information and to download the application please visit:http://www.joikuspot.com


Windows Mobile users – don’t feel neglected 


Those of you using Windows Mobile should not feel left out. Joiku have a copy for you guys too. Click here to grab it. 


Tell me your thoughts


Have you set Joiku up? Did it work for you. Please feel free to post a reply.