Getting into GTD

Pretty much all the podcasts I have been listening to over recent years have been singing the praises of the ‘Get Things Done’ or the GTD approach to productivity. From Merlin Mann ( and regular guest of MacBreak Weekly ( to Adam Christianson over at – they all agree it’s a great methodology. 


I have been hanging out over at  43folders and visiting , David Allen’s . I have also watched the excellent presentations by Merlin Mann on the topic (see below) . All this stuff has inspired me to dive in and get more productive. 


GTD meets my Outlook 2003 app 


I must confess I have not read Allen’s actual GTD book yet (I am a self-confessed slow reader – and sadly it’s not on yet). However, I figured I would do a bit of ‘lifehacking’ and pull out the stuff that could have an immediate impact on my productivity. I spend most of my day in Outlook – so thought addressing my behavior here might help.


I recently got myself the excellent White Paper ‘GTD and Outlook’ on David Allen’s site. I must say – it is excellent. A bargain at $10. Being the slightly obsessive type, I printed it into A5 and got in bound. It sits on my desk as a constant companion. 


Today, I began creating the various @categories in Outlook and started adding my tasks.  I almost instantly saw the logic – and am very excited about it all. 


I have also read up on the inbox zero element of GTD and this afternoon began dealing with my mail. I am down to 49. 


The challenges


It is early days and I really must read the book. But some immediate challenges have emerged: 

     1. I hope I can stick to it. I think I can. 

  1. I am not sure when I should review my tasks (daily/weekly?) At this stage – I figure it really  ought to be daily.

  2. How do I address the ‘portability’ aspects of GTD?  I have an office laptop which is fully kitted out for remote working. But won’t that be invading my private space? I may be able to sync. it with my Nokia E90 smartphone – that might do the trick. 

  3. 4.How do I communicate my new found approach to my immediate team at work. I have developed innovative ways to manage the high volume of emails – but I am sure it would help if they better appreciated the approach.
    In summary – I am excited and extremely motivated by GTD. I really am determined to make a success of it. 

    I must also thank my previous colleague and friend who also provided me with inspiration to Get Things Done. You know who you are. Thought I would end with a presentation by Merlin Mann on Inbox Zero, happy viewing: