3G iPhone – wdc launch?

As we head towards another ‘jobsnote’ at the next Apple World Developer’s Conference (June 9-13) rumours are abound about a possible 3G iPhone launch. According to reports it will have 3G along with GPS.I have not read anything about video conferencing (or perhaps iChat support) yet, but no doubt it will. By all accounts this really does look like the iPhone that will take over the cellphone industry. 


My only gripe…….please please please Apple make this sim free. Most of your loyal customers would be willing to pay a high price for a phone that can accept any sim card.  I understand that a lock in with 02 is lucrative for both parties – but it is the customer who ultimately suffers. Apple are correct when they claim to be reinventing the mobile phone. However, Apple, please go that little bit further and reinvent how we access the airwaves. You have the potential to change the game.