Wifi on the go via JoikuSpot light edition

By chance I discovered possibly the greatest app of the year on Symbian S60 v3.    Joiku light edition is a free application that transforms your Nokia mobile into a wireless router, creating a mobile hotspot. It takes your 3g or HSDPA connection and broadcasts it out, just like a standard wireless router does.    […]

The evolution of jason monty

One of my favorite sites at the moment is web archive. The guys over at Internet Archive have been archiving the entire web since 1996. Typing a URL address into their ‘WayBack Machine’ is a fantastic tool that takes you back to earlier versions of a particular domain name.    Running a search for jasonmonty.com and […]

Getting into GTD

Pretty much all the podcasts I have been listening to over recent years have been singing the praises of the ‘Get Things Done’ or the GTD approach to productivity. From Merlin Mann (www.43folders.com) and regular guest of MacBreak Weekly (www.twit.tv) to Adam Christianson over at www.maccast.com – they all agree it’s a great methodology.    I have […]

3G iPhone – wdc launch?

As we head towards another ‘jobsnote’ at the next Apple World Developer’s Conference (June 9-13) rumours are abound about a possible 3G iPhone launch. According to reports it will have 3G along with GPS.I have not read anything about video conferencing (or perhaps iChat support) yet, but no doubt it will. By all accounts this […]