After the flood

We arrive in Mauritius – only to face six days of torrential rain. It was quite an interesting experience. In all my years of visiting Mauritius, I have never experienced anything like it. It was almost as if we were hit by a mini-monsoon season. Essentially, Mauritius was a victim of a big anti depression to the south east. The entire region was covered in a blanket of low cloud and intense rain. 


Imagine the intensity of a cyclone’s rain but for a prolonged period of six days. It was pretty bad. There was no wind (arguably that’s what keep the weather hanging for so long). 


It’s gone now. And the weather has returned to normal. As I type it must be around 30c and sunny. (Heading off to the beach very soon). 


The impact of the weather was not without consequence. Two people were killed and the Education Minister was almost forced to resign. The schools were left open which may have been a contributing factor to a teenager’s death. Others drowned . View the story here (in French) .


I’ll be posting my pics on Flickr (if you are a member of my group)- keep tuned.