keeping up with web 2.o and social networks

It felt liberating to ditch my Facebook account last week. I’ve moved on – Facebook was beginning to feel far too much like the new MySpace, which I often refer to as the trailer park of the web. Don’t get me wrong – the idea is great. But I am a bit of a tech snob – and alas Facebook feels a bit naff. You can only receive so many pokes and requests to add apps before it becomes tiresome. And I have reached that point. 


But my quest to find the ultimate social network continues. I am currently on Pownce  – and quite enjoying the experience. But I still find myself returning to Twitter. It’s simplicity and each of use give it the edge in my view. 


The folk over at CommonCraft are in the business of creating really elegant animation based video podcasts. Their mission – to explain social media to the masses. Their work is incredible and I’m a huge fan.