Jay’s predictions for MacWorld 2008

Well, as is the tradition I thought I would share my predictions for Guru Steve Job’s product line annoucements in the Apple keynote tomorrow:  1. Macbook lite/nano/airApple enters the UMPC market with a tablet based sub-notebook. It will sit between the iPhone and entry level Macbook in the product line up. I suspect it will be solid-state, optical-drive-less, wireless, bluetooth and possibly a sim card slot for mobile connectivity. 2. iPhone generation 2The obvious first, 3G and 16GB capacity. But I do not think it will have GPS. 3. Macbook / Macbook Pro dockAn outside chance but I’ve heard rumors about a patent Apple released for a dock for their notebook range. It will have a similar form factor to iMacs but essentially a shell that somehow slots the Macbooks into it.So be sure to keep abreast of the keynote. Whilst it won’t be as big as the iPhone announcement last year, it will be big. I plan to keep updated from 0500 GMT via engadget. Here  Can’t wait.