Jay’s predictions for MacWorld 2008

Well, as is the tradition I thought I would share my predictions for Guru Steve Job’s product line annoucements in the Apple keynote tomorrow:  1. Macbook lite/nano/airApple enters the UMPC market with a tablet based sub-notebook. It will sit between the iPhone and entry level Macbook in the product line up. I suspect it will be solid-state, optical-drive-less, wireless, bluetooth and possibly a sim card slot for mobile connectivity. 2. iPhone generation 2The obvious first, 3G and 16GB capacity. But I do not think it will have GPS. 3. Macbook / Macbook Pro dockAn outside chance but I’ve heard rumors about a patent Apple released for a dock for their notebook range. It will have a similar form factor to iMacs but essentially a shell that somehow slots the Macbooks into it.So be sure to keep abreast of the keynote. Whilst it won’t be as big as the iPhone announcement last year, it will be big. I plan to keep updated from 0500 GMT via engadget. Here  Can’t wait.     

Bye Bye Bill

Well, CES is in full swing at the moment. Perhaps the biggest ‘non-news’ news is that Mr. Gates made his final speech as Chief Architect of Microsoft. As you will know I am not a fan of Redmond, but I will miss Bill.  Despite my criticism of Microsoft there can be no doubt of the brilliance of Mr. Gates. Yes, I am serious. Above all else the man is an entrepreneur whose success has yet to be mirrored. It’s captured here.  Thanks for the memories Bill and the hundreds of crashes and BSODs!I am sure he will take his Foundation to even greater heights.

Cyber island in the sun

india-cybercity.jpgI have been blogging (and visiting) the cyber city in Ebene, Mauritius for some time now. It would seem that a BBC journalist on holiday in Mauritius also discovered it too….. I still remain skeptical on the likely success of the project but I do applaud the Government for trying to diversify its economy into something of great potential. As I said before the key to transforming the island is free wifi for all. Give the kids some bandwidth and PCs…….I guarantee they’ll turn out to be a nation of hackers.   You can read the story here. 

Free on Three

Happy New Year everyone etc…  Recently a friend told me that he was able to connect to the web via a usb serial cable and his three cellphone (on the unlimited web tariff). Apparently, it was very easy to do so through a Windows system and the standard Nokia suite….Inspired, I set about a new year days hack. I wanted connect my Nokia E65 to my MacBook via bluetooth. I was told by Three this was not possible – but I figured it must be.  A quick google session revealed the settings I needed. And voila. It worked. As I type this I am connected to the web via my Three network. Now to set up my Nokia 770……..  Having successfully done this it raises an interesting question. What will be the best device for mobile connectivity. Surely the Nokia N810 stands out as favorite now….. However, if the rumors are true we might be due UMPC / tablet device from Apple at Macworld in a couple of weeks. That might finally scratch my itch!