Jay’s predictions for MacWorld 2008

Well, as is the tradition I thought I would share my predictions for Guru Steve Job’s product line annoucements in the Apple keynote tomorrow:  1. Macbook lite/nano/airApple enters the UMPC market with a tablet based sub-notebook. It will sit between the iPhone and entry level Macbook in the product line up. I suspect it will be […]

Bye Bye Bill

Well, CES is in full swing at the moment. Perhaps the biggest ‘non-news’ news is that Mr. Gates made his final speech as Chief Architect of Microsoft. As you will know I am not a fan of Redmond, but I will miss Bill.  Despite my criticism of Microsoft there can be no doubt of the brilliance of […]

Cyber island in the sun

I have been blogging (and visiting) the cyber city in Ebene, Mauritius for some time now. It would seem that a BBC journalist on holiday in Mauritius also discovered it too….. I still remain skeptical on the likely success of the project but I do applaud the Government for trying to diversify its economy into something of great […]

Free on Three

Happy New Year everyone etc…  Recently a friend told me that he was able to connect to the web via a usb serial cable and his three cellphone (on the unlimited web tariff). Apparently, it was very easy to do so through a Windows system and the standard Nokia suite….Inspired, I set about a new year days […]