More exciting news on the Eee PC

The Eee PC is still the talk of the tech world – and rightly so. Engadget are reporting that a generous hacker has compiled a Xubuntu distro for the pocket sized laptop. It seems like it supports the native hardware….Without wanting to get on my open source soap box – this is exactly why I love Linux and the community. Equally kudos to Asus by making the Eee PC a  truly hackable machine. I really think this has to be the device of the year…..Oh did I say that?! Surely the iPhone grabs that accolade….Discussing the device with a friend we wondered whether 3g support might be possible with those popular 3G USB dongles, such as the offering from Three Given the hacks available on the device  I am sure its only a matter of time. Imagine it. The Eee PC connected to 3g on your daily commute. Popping mail, blogging, surfing and skyping on a beautifully crafted piece of kit. Could life get much better?