A trip down memory tech lane

Looking through my photo collection I stumbled across, what I believe, was and still is the greatest PDA/UMPC ever. The Psion 5MX. In the days of iPhones, Eee PCs and smartphones, this device still holds its own.  I remember back in 2000 I was popping mail and surfing with the Psion 5mx via IR on my 9.5k […]

Innovation, hardware and Linux (in the background)

In many ways 2007 has been Apple’s year. The iPhone, the iPod Touch and the launch of Leopard catapulted Apple into the lucrative consumer electronics space. People will no-doubt disagree.  The price point of the iPhone, the lack of 3g etc…All very common complaints by pundits in the tech world. But I will defend the iPhone to all the […]

More exciting news on the Eee PC

The Eee PC is still the talk of the tech world – and rightly so. Engadget are reporting that a generous hacker has compiled a Xubuntu distro for the pocket sized laptop. It seems like it supports the native hardware….Without wanting to get on my open source soap box – this is exactly why I love Linux […]