Singing the Asus Eee Pc praises

eee_open.jpg Well it certainly feels like the blogosphere has fallen head over heels for the Asus Eee PC. There was an interesting discussion last week on Leo Laporte’s TWIT podcast about the new Linux based UMPC. Overall there was genuine excitment about the potential of the laptop. At £229 it is really a steel. From my perspective – it certainly looks hot. I would have liked to have seen from the outset a slot for an HSDPA sim card for mobile connectively – but hey, for the money we can’t have everything. Besides, I understand that ASUS are working on a compatible card that slots right into the unit.  There have been a number of reviews out there – but I discovered an excellent account by Ars Technica a couple of days ago….  An iPhone beater  – possibly not. A big seller – possibly. A hit amongst geeks – certainly.  Check out the review here