Apple iPhone is not the only fruit.

Phew. I made it through the first 12 hours of the Apple reality distortion field. The frenzy and buzz that surrounds the launch of the iPhone is still in full force. But I have decided I won’t get one and here are my five reasons why. 1. I’m still in contract with Three for five months. An obvious show stopper.2. The iPhone is awesome – but not for a power user. Sounds a bit arrogant I know. But the iPhone is without a doubt the best overall consumer cellphone on the market. From form factor to software, from touch to web implementation this system rocks for the masses.But my requirements make the iPhone significantly under spec. I require 3g (and wifi), I require third party apps (now), I require Skype, I require an IM client, I require full mobile computing. I absolutely require full web experience and now blogging on the go. I simply do not want to compromise on my technology.  3. The price is not right. As a free marketer I believe for the spec., the iPhone is set at a price I am not willing to pay. It simply costs too much for too little. 4. Mass appeal: Yes I admit it. I am a slightly snobbish uber geek. I tend to loose interest when a device enters the realm of spotty teenager. 5. 18 months is too long for me. I am not prepared to suffer an 18 month contract. Tech moves on – and so will I in that period.  Make no mistake. The iPhone rocks – big time. It is fantastic and I genuinely believe it will change the cellphone market for the better. But it’s not there yet. It comes painfully close to being the greatest mobile device in consumer history. But not yet.  So my solution. The Nokia n810.